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Compton Side-Mount Shaker

Side-Mount Shaker - The Original Sidemount Shaker

The Compton Side-Mount shaker uses an innovative design that allows the head to be mounted on the side of the machine so the operator drives straight down the row and telescopes the head out to each tree and shakes it. The Side-Mount, the fastest production model shakers on the market today. The result is also superior shaking efficiency - no angling towards trees and no backing out once the tree is shaken. Often competetors shakers are backing up, the Compton Side-Mount shaker is going forward. The Compton Side-Mount shaker shakes eight to twelve trees a minute, compared with three or four using conventional shakers.

2008 Standard Features
  1. Self-Centering shaker head (only on the Compton Side-Mount shaker)
  2. Shaker wheels run in the same direction (Compton only)
    • Belts run in perfect alignment
    • No twisted belts or idlers needed
  3. No flat areas to catch almonds or walnuts on machine
  4. Fixed throttle control for controlled shake pattern
  5. Chainless clamping system for shaker head
  6. Easy access to all hydraulic components
  7. Re-routed intake for engine air filter
  8. Air conditioning and am/fm stereo
  9. Grease-able shaker head bearings
  10. Mal pad lubricating system
  11. 3 speed forward motion
  12. John Deere 6 cyl. engine
  13. Hydraulic sweeper lift
  14. Joystick controls
  15. Skylight roof
  16. Larger cab
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